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3rd February
written by antonia

What is it about Jozi that gets the heart pumping so much?

Energy is spread all over the city of Jo’burg – be it the combination of animated graffiti and chiceateries, the array of stores and boutiques that sing their daily tunes, or the stylista’s that trail the streets of the bustling city. There is something about this signature energy that is unparalleled anywhere else in our South Africa. All cities have their particular vibe, but none other have the Jozi vibe.

The strut of those walking the lively streets with headphones and style-in-hand, simply add to the hype. Stylista’sare everywhere, exuding a confidence with their informal trendiness, as they get more and more fueled by the energy of the city. Despite the negatives and fickleness that Jo’burg may possess, the highlighted factor of daily life is that – Individualism is embraced!

Mix sophisticated with ghetto-chic, or your bold pinks with your reds…we’re in Jo’burg…fashion is personal. Fashion is a way of life. Of course you get your hip-hop aficionados, Sandton sass divas, and your bohemian pro’s – but note that they all glide the same city streets, colouring Jo’burg with personality! The combination of Jozi’s citizenry, with all their varying styles, attitudes and dynamic vibe, is what fills the streets with these stylista’s, and elevates the city into a somewhat source of energy.

Inspired by the city, I urge you to encourage your personal attitude, vibe and style and unleash it! Feed off of the city’s energy as it will feed off of yours.

The only other suggestion I can make – not to forget to accessorize, be it your headphones, over sized Fendi bag, sneakers or vintage shades. This is Energy and The City after all.



Natalie Koutsoudis


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