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19th January
written by antonia

My key word for this New Year is Embrace, Embrace, Embrace!

With the closing of an epic 2010, it is now time for the fierce and fashion-forward to pave the way for those that are more timid. Most of us are intimidated by playing with our wardrobes too much, as we all know how Fashion Don’ts are thrived upon in society today. Despite this, it is clear that nothing creates more confidence and personal satisfaction than being dressed impeccably, with style that turns heads. Fashion is a living entity, encompassing everything beautiful in the world –it’s a look, a custom, and a practice – from clothing to accessories, to hairstyles, make-up choices, and lifestyle. This is why within this write-up Fashion is spelt with a capital F.

The key to it all?  Embrace your personal style, and perfect it!

Statement pieces…colour…bold items…analysing trends and how they suit you…go on and embrace it! If it reflects your taste and personality, don’t be shy to add those bold-coloured leather gloves to your chic outfit in those winter days, or a key statement piece of jewellery to your fresh summer dress. Bring Fashion into your life as a permanent friend, by enjoying it and always staying true to your personality! Don’t hastily change your look and feel, but rather enjoy Fashion on your own comfort level and from there slowly begin explore the different spheres of Fashion. This way you subtly push boundaries while still looking and feeling like yourself, creating a confidence that cannot be replaced. 

Here’s to 2011 – a year for being fierce, looking incredible, and constantly embracing flawless style.


Natalie Koutsoudis



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